Spain Wirkshop

Pam and I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Spain about a week ago and host a Wirkshop as part of our Wirkshop Series for photographers.  It was an amazing week for the both of us.  I was honored to be asked to do the Wirkshop by Jorge and Maria of JM Photo Emotion.  Jorge had heard about me from my good friend Sergio and contacted me about the Wirkshop.  I was thrilled for the chance to go over seas.  It turned out to be an incredible experience not only for Pam and I but also for the students.

To make the most of our time there Pam and I started the trip out in Barcelona then boarded a train to Valencia for the Wirkshop.  We rounded out our trip with an overnight in Madrid before flying home.  It was so great to be able to experience a new culture as well as form some new friendships with our Spanish students.  Can not wait to see where we go next!  Thanks so much to Jorge and Maria for organizing everything and to Tony, Juan Luis, Nestor, Alec, Leticia, Jaunlu, Javier, Virginia, Mocete, Ludo, and Daniel for being such a great group to work with.

Having only two days in Barcelona Pam and I had to make the most of it so we made sure to hit the must see spots in the city.  Here is a photo of the crowd of tourists at Park Guell in Barcelona.  This place was amazing.  Designed and built by famous architect Antoni Gaudi.

Pam waiting for me to be done shooting at Park Guell.

What was the grounds keepers house at Park Guell in the early 1900’s.

Another of Gaudi’s masterpieces and perhaps his most famous is La Sagrada Familia.  Construction started on the church in 1882 and is expected to be completed around 2024.  This is a detail shot of the front doors.

The interior of the church was mind blowing.

Some interesting Barcelona scenery.

Pam’s awesome photo of me taking it all in.

The gondola we took over the harbor in Barcelona.

On the train to Valencia.

Pam’s photo of me doing my thing in Valencia.

Pam and Maria.

One of the subjects we found in Valencia.  This man was going around the city on his bike asking people to help with finding babies that were stolen.

On the opposite side of the square in Valencia was a family from Russia playing with the pigeons.  It was a the perfect place to practice looking for and shooting moments.

Pam’s photo of me shooting the above photo.

There were moments everywhere that day.

We then got lucky and happened upon a street protest.  The unemployment rate in Spain is a whopping 23% or so and these were employees of a bank that had been laid off work.  It was the perfect situation to show how to work a scene and tell a complete story.

It turned out to be very peaceful but also heart breaking to watch knowing all of those families are with out jobs.

Our group at the scene of the demonstration.


Thank you again to our Spanish friends for inviting us to your country.  We hope to see you all soon.  Salud!!



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Beautiful post! Lucky photographers getting to hang out with you and your camera in the streets of Spain. My fave is the guy on his bike looking for stolen babies (crazy story). Love the birds too. Looks like it was quite an interesting time and workshop, I would have loved to have been there!

AWESOME! What light! Moments! Angles! You know, all the things you knock out of the park every time. Very cool! Thanks for sharing!

These are amazing, Tyler & Pam. Gosh, the light, color, and subtleties of each moment are so beautiful.

It makes me so happy that you two got to experience that together! I love seeing Pam as a part of the whole thing! Tyler, your photos made me want to go to Barcelona even more! My favorites were the ones where you were able to isolate a single color by underexposing. (the rainbow umbrella and red flag). You not only isolated the color perfectly, but of course your shapes are also perfectly separated. Love seeing your work every time Tyler! and Pam, I love seeing you shooting again too! Just like the old days, huh? 🙂

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