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I sometimes feel like a broken record when I talk about my clients.  I say how great they are and how much they value family, and photography, and treat us like part of their clan.  The same could be said about Megan and Adam and their recent Kansas City wedding at Country Club Christian Church and the Ritz Charles.

It was a great day.  Megan and Adam had the perfect attitude toward their wedding.  They simply reveled in the fact that they were married and nothing else mattered.  Even when things went wrong at their reception, it did not matter.  They carried on surrounded by their closest family and friends and took it all in.

I feel like I really truly understand these two.  I have had the privilege to work them on a new experiment project that Brandon, our film guru and I are building.  You will have to wait and see what that is in the coming weeks, but I must say it is an amazingly new way to tell a wedding story that I am super excited about.

These two are meant for each other.  They are the perfect balance.  This was completely evident on their wedding day as multiple times that day when the stress was high you could find them balancing each other out.  Adam was stressed making sure we got to the reception on time.  Megan assured him it would be fine.  Then when the music for their first dance cut out three times Adam whispered in Megan’s ear assuring her to not worry and it was no big deal that they were married and that is all that mattered.  They took it in stride and soaked in the greatness of what was around them.

It was an honor to tell their story.

The details-

Ceremony- Country Club Christian

Reception- The Ritz Charles

Coordinator- Michael Nolte – Nolte Bridal


The images-

Great shot by Kate on her last wedding as my assistant.  Adam’s dad helps him with his tie.  Adam’s dad was helping officiate the wedding and was the one to actually marry them.

Megan was insistent on brushing her teeth before leaving for the ceremony.  I love her bridesmaids reaction to seeing her in her dress brushing.

A toast before getting in the limo.

This was a great little moment.  Megan was a bit nervous on her way to the church and decided to check her phone.  She saw a photo of Adam at the church on Facebook that a groomsman had posted.  It helped her calm down and get excited.  Here she is lost in thought on the drive.

Great shot by my new assistant Tori of Megan’s dad giving her away.


Megan breaking down in the back room of the church.

Found some great light for a fast portrait session.

On the bus driving towards the Ritz Charles.

Waiting to be announced.

Trying to cut the cake.  The frosting was a bit thick.

The first dance version 1.  The dj’s power cut off three times during their dance.  It would prove to be a good thing.  In my experience when things go wrong they end up being the most memorable.


Wonderful moment of Megan’s grandparents during the anniversary dance.  It took the help of multiple family members to get her grandfather up and to the dance floor.  They never actually danced but they did not need to.  Being married 60 plus years was enough to win.

The sorority serenade.

One of my favorite things is seeing past clients at weddings.  Especially when they are pregnant and really excited!!

Adam’s dad getting down on the dance floor!

The first dance version 2.  Megan had the idea to ask the dj to play their first dance again.  It was a brilliant move.  One of the more emotional dances I have seen.  The worst thing at their wedding became the best.

Adam’s sister saying goodbye to her brother.

Driving home .

This was one of favorite images of the day.  Megan and Adam going into what will now be their house as husband and wife.

Stay tuned for the multi-media project of their story.


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Im in love with all shots! Full of life!!

Ashly Pauley

Gorgeous! Can not wait to see the others! Such a beautiful wedding. Couldn’t be happier for my brother and his stunning bride!

Paula Allegri

Beautiful pictures Tyler! You have captured so many special moments..

[…] in September during his post about Megan and Adams wedding Tyler alluded to a new way we were approaching wedding film making. This is a glimpse into our new […]

Wonderful! So much life and excitement in these ravishing wedding photographs!

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