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We showed you Brooke and Eddies’ amazing film by Brandon the other day. If you missed it be sure to see it here.

Today we show their story in photographs.
Brooke and Eddie get it.  They have figured out what matters in life.

They were in for their viewing the other day and stated how happy they were that they got married later in life and how that allowed them to know what really matters most.

They dated in high school and went their separate ways.  Lucky enough to find each other years later and light years wiser they came together on this amazing day to show  what truly is important in life,  their family and friends.   Brooke mentioned in her speech that there was no difference between family and friends to them.  She said that everyone in that room that night were family plain and simple.  That could not have been more apparent.  It was awesome to witness the connections they both share with so many people.

The details-

Venue- Starlight Theater

Coordinator- Diane Boone – Arcadian Events

Florist- Studio Dan Meiners

Video- Wirken Films

The photos-

Love this moment when Brooke’s sister came over to fix something on her sister’s face while she was getting her makeup done.


This was a great moment.  The dress was hanging by the window not bothering anyone.

Then a bridesmaid decided it should be facing the other way and another bridesmaid tattled on her for touching it.

I asked Eddie, do you always shave your nose?  He said- “She makes me do it as she does not like the little hairs that grow on it”.

Sharing a moment with one of the flower girls.

Brooke’s mom helping her get ready.

Great shot by Kate.  All the guys sharing a toast before heading to the ceremony.

Because of scheduling issues Brooke and Eddie had to do a first sight.  Brooke waits for Eddie to reach her.

Then he did.

The ceremony.

Portraits can be found anywhere.  Event the glow of an exit sign can be cool.

Brooke and Eddie’s first dance was very emotional.

Brooke and her dad share a dance.

Great moment during Eddie and his mom’s dance.  She was so happy she just started clapping.

Waiting for the prayer to end so dinner could begin.

Brooke’s toast to Eddie was amazing.  You can hear it in Brandon’s short film.

I love it when things go wrong at a wedding.  Brooke forgot the garter so a napkin took place instead.  Awesome.

Brooke and her dad in boothBOOTH.

Eddie and his sister sharing a celebratory cigar.

The exit.

Thanks for letting us be a part of your story!


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Tyler, you have so many amazing images in this post. I love the brides elegance with the black and white prep photos. The silhouette/rim light ceremony photo, ALL the first dance images, and the “garter” pictures. All so great.

My favorites are the one eyed prayer peek and the exit. You always seem to find a few unexpected ones like that!

Always appreciate your commentary. The shot of the bridesmaid laughing after getting caught is great, but the added context really makes it a powerful sequence.

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