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Here we are in Sweet Home Chicago, once again. This is actually wedding #1 of a 2 wedding weekend.  As I mentioned a few weeks ago, this weekend was a whirlwind. I was absolutely exhausted, but when you have a history with a couple it makes it all worth it to be there to document their day.

It was a few years ago that I had the pleasure of shooting the wedding of Brenna’s  twin sister back home in Kansas City. It was back then that I got to know the Sweeney family a bit better. Really witness the love that this family has for each other. They relish in each others happiness. Completely unselfish people and an absolute joy to be around. Then last year when Brenna got engaged I did not hesitate when she called about her photography.

It was on a day trip to Chicago to shoot the engagement session that I got to meet John.  These guys compliment each other so wonderfully and really seem to bring the best out of each other. I am thrilled that I got to be a part of this whole day. Not only because I got to spend time with Brenna and John (and their friends and families), but because their reception location was something I was really excited about!

To view the images we decided to do things a bit differently with this post. Since Brenna and John live out of town and we could not do the normal wedding viewing party we decided to bring the party to them. You all can enjoy the video showcasing of their images for the first time as a slide show. Scroll down to view.

The details:

Church: St. James Cathedral

Reception: Art Institute of Chicago, The Modern Wing

One still image: this is Brenna and John leaving the reception down the Nichols Bridge (the name is no coincidence) with the amazing Chicago skyline in the background.


Brenna and John, thank you so much for letting us be a part of your day. We hope you enjoy the show. It is long, but it is worth it.

[vimeo width=”850″ height=”567″]http://vimeo.com/5655075[/vimeo]

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Brenna Nichols

OUT OF THIS WORLD. Tyler, thank you so much. It is everything and so much more. You are an amazing photographer and we feel so lucky that you were a part of our special day. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

-Brenna Nichols

WOW! This video was amazing! Thanks for sharing all the pics with us! 🙂

Matt Engmann


Once again…unbelievable job! I’m surprised that there aren’t more pictures of me on here…but…not my day I guess 🙂

What an incredible weekend and what a wonderful job at capturing it!

Great job – you are truly talented at your craft.

-Matt Engmann


Second Sweeney wedding I’ve been in, and the second time I’ve been absolutely blown away by the images of the day(s). You guys are SO talented and gifted. I have been smiling and tearing up at my desk while watching this … Thank you so much for the memories Tyler and team. You’re simply the BEST!!

Tyler – these are incredible!! And the video/music is just perfect – you sure captured the day.

Mike Varel

Amazing work Tyler! Truly incredible moments + unbelievable composition! You truly captured the love that family has for each other in priceless images. Some truly breathtaking pics in there – thanks for sharing them with us!

Jen (Bridesmaid) McColgan

Tyler-You have a true talent-you captured Brenna + John’s day beautifully.

Brandi Dreiling

Brenna, just GORGOUS!! Thanks for sharing this- so many sweet moments.

lynda delap

What an amazing video. What a wonderful wedding. Thanks!

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