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With Tyler out of town this week I am left to my own devices. With that in mind I got to decide what would be our “topic” for Teaser Tuesday. I am a bit biased about this family since we got the pleasure of meeting Paige, her Mom and brother last year. Paige and our son, Alex, were in kindergarten together last year and we were lucky enough to have her Mom, Christy, approached Tyler about shooting a normal day session this summer. She not only needs new photos of her 2 favorite people, but she also appreciates how lovely it is to have a normal day session. Seeing her kids as they are in this point in their lives. Sweet, caring, messy, loud..did I mention sweet?  These wonderfully characteristics can stress us out and make us smile all at the same time.


What I love about this image so much featuring Christy and Indy is simple. This is probably the only time all day when they got a second to slow down, appreciate each other and just be still. Bedtimes are my favorite time of day becuase of just that. Kids are moving all day long and nowadays whenever I can capture a moment of sweet peace with either of my kids I just covet it. That is what makes me love this so much. Indy is such  an active boy and in this moment Christy got to just take it all in before he was off to sweet dreamland.


Many thanks to Christy, Paige and Indy. Tyler had a great time hanging with you guys on a hot summer afternoon.  Cannot wait to have you in and show you even more fun memories that he captureed!




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