A Very Wirken Christmas

So, for years I have understood the reason that Tyler loves to shoot documentary style photography. It gives him a chance to really do what he does best –  not just taking pictures of a wedding or other event that is happening, but through images, to make a person feel like what it must have been like to be there.

Now that we are parents I appreciate  his gift so much more. Below what you are going to see is a few images from our son Alex’s Christmas program at his preschool. He, along with the 11 other 3 year olds in his class made their way through 3 songs. 3 very loooong songs!   I loved every minute of this and cried (with laughter) as I saw these images that Tyler captured for me.

Here is Alex (and class) waiting pre-show for their bells. I love this casual pose of his. Knowing our son as only we do, this would not have been captured better by anyone else.


Singing and a little interpretive dance to boot. We got our monies worth on this show!alex4.jpg

Anyone notice whose pants are open? Why oh why was it my child?alex5.jpg

Gotta love kids, pay close attention and you notice that NONE of the kids are paying attention!



Alex is a tich excited and made sure Margot knew it!alex3.jpg

Do not ask me what he was doing.  Here every time the word “Jesus” came up on the song Alex would jump up and do the wave. Who knows….but it was too funny!alex7.jpg

And one of my favorite images came after the show when Alex and his class went to their seats for the big kids to perform. Mimi (grandma) and Nana (great-grandma) were in attendance for Alex’s performance and this is their reaction to him seeing them.alex6.jpg

Hope you enjoyed a piece of us…happy holidays!


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Oh, how precious! I am smiling; those beautiful children exemplify life and all of it’s potential….LOVE the grandmothers waving…don’t we all need such adoration and and recognition?


These are great shots! And you know why it’s your child with his pants open?

So you can embarrass him for life with a permanent place on the internet! 🙂


Which is worse…. being the mom of the kid with the unbuttoned pants or the one caught diggin’ for gold on camera???

LOVE all their fanciest clothes for the program.
And your little one “flying” with excitement is too cute to handle!

how precious! wonderful documentation, especially the granmas!

Hi Tyler and Pam!
I wanted to say Thank You for the Happy Holidays card, your boys are so beautiful. I loved your images of the holiday concert, wow, captured as Tyler Wirken is famous for!
Jeff and I are excited to see your new space, congrats!
This year I am really going to work hard for STUDIO CHYREE
and Tyler I just wanted to thank you for being such a good friend in inspiring and encouraging me.
GOD BLESS you and Pam and Alex and Zach.

Donna Mandelbaum

I finally got on to see the photos…amazing stuff. Not sure which I like best: Alex being air born, the grandmas, or the shot of all the kids not paying attention, especially the one with the kid picking his nose. classic.
Seriously though, these are beautiful!


Oh my gosh Tyler these are priceless – your son is adorable and the animation you were able to capture (and the open pants) are wonderful – loved these!!
Hope all is well – we still need to pick out our pictures for the wedding album and more – hopefully we will get to catch up then!!

Take care!
Kelli Andrews Florian

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