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I am pretty sure you are not totally surprised by this post since I have been working on this idea for a while now but the time has come to officially launch the Wirken Photography Normal Day session. The idea here is to bring my story telling documentary photography to families and document a slice of their lives as it happens……..normally.

If you remember, my good friend Brooks Whittington did one of these for my family about two years ago.  You can see it here.  It was simply amazing to have such wonderful memories captured of that time in our lives.  I just went and watched it again as I was writing this and the pictures have so much more meaning to me now than they ever did with as fast as our two little boys are growing up.   There is something to how these sessions produce images that no portrait session ever can.  Those fleeting moments that are so unique to each family.

Being able to use my documentary background in this way has re-fueled a passion in me with portraits.  The bottom line is I come to your house and spend a few hours literally being a witness to your family as they are.   With no posing or direction from me I make images that are truthful and real.  Everything from a playful expression, a tear, a hug, timeout, nothing is left out.  The result is a documentation of that time of your life as you remember it.

So what we are doing to launch this idea is offering up sessions for the upcoming holiday season at a discounted price!  We think this would be a great alternative to traditional holiday family portraits which you can still use for holiday cards as well as a great gift idea for grandparents.

Wirken Normal Day session-$500 if booked between now and Dec. 31th 2010– a $750 value. This includes up to four hours shooting time at your home or on the go with Tyler, an in-studio viewing session, and a DVD slideshow of images set to music.  Other products available ala carte.

If you are ready to shake up the idea of the family portrait call  or e-mail the studio to set up a planning session.

(816) 582-8954, info@wirkenphoto.com

Here is a recent session I did for a lovely little 18month old and her family.  Enjoy!


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I feel so fortunate to have interned for such an amazing photographer! I miss you guys so much! I’m taking a photo class here and its like a repeat of the last four years, oh well! This slideshow is amazing! You never cease to impress me! I’ll be home soon and stop by! hope all is well!

Tyler, this is SO GOOD. I need to book a normal day session soon before everyone else gobbles you up.


These pictures are amazing. I LOVE the one with her on the floor (sleeping – perhaps) with all the kitchen stuff all around her. You did the same for this family when she was a baby, right? They are so smart to have you do this! And when our new addition joins our family, we will book you for the day too!


Heck, who would want an in-studio session when THIS is available?

Truly. I love this this, the idea, and the product from what comes out of your documentary talent. See you in t-minus 50 minutes for work.


i just cried over a family i don’t even know! that was simply outstanding!


Wow! I am constantly amazed and inspired by your work. This is a must do for us. I’m sure you will hear from us soon.


Awesome!!! I love this concept and you are the best at documenting real life. Way to go…I can’t wait to book you for the Mandelbaums ; )

ditto becca, do you travel! 🙂 awesome!!!

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