Kansas City New Years Eve Wedding Photography | Teaser Tuesday of Amelia and Corey

Our first Teaser Tuesday post of 2017 and it is one of history, firsts, and also lasts. The minute I met Amelia I knew it was a match made in Heaven. Besides being a photo editor in New York Amelia planned this wedding to have it all. It was the kind of story I live for as a wedding photographer in Kansas City. A 5 generation wedding dress that started as her grandmothers. The first and only wedding ceremony that took place at the bride’s middle school chapel, the last wedding of the year for me, and perhaps the most bitter sweet-the last ever event and meal to take place at the historic American Restaurant in Kansas City. I loved every minute of it. It was challenging and rewarding all at once. Enjoy a few of my favorites from the day. Congrats Amelia and Corey! Happy 2017! The details: Wedding Planner: Sarah Quinlivan with Quintessential Events Venue: The American Restaurant The wedding celebration started with me shooting a bridal portrait of her in the dress that her grandmother, mother, and aunts wore on their wedding day. I love stuff like that. Leaving for the ceremony down the staircase she used a child growing up. I loved the trophies, medals, and award for 3rd place best costume. Seemed appropriate.  Taking a bit of a rest before the ceremony.  Amelia and Corey’s entrance/ first dance at the American Restaurant.  Seconds after celebrating the New... read more

Brooklyn, New York Wedding Photography | Ryan and Tatiana’s wedding ceremony at Frankies 457

I have said it before and I will say it again. It is always an honor to be asked by colleagues to document their wedding. I have been privileged to be a wedding photographer for other wedding photographers many times before but this is the first time both the bride and the groom were not only very talented but also world renowned wedding photographers. Double the pressure. Actually triple the pressure if you count all the world class wedding photographers in the audience that day in New York City. The day Ryan and Tatiana,  known as The Brenizers, called me to inquire if I would be the photographer for their wedding ceremony in Brooklyn, New York was one I won’t soon forget. I actually met Ryan and Tatiana in 2013 separately but only a few months apart thanks to the Foundation Workshops. I knew who Ryan Brenizer was in the photographic community due to his talent as a New York City wedding photographer but more so for his well know photographic technique the Brenizer Method. Tatiana and I met in Mexico. She was a student at Foundation Workshop in San Miguel on the team I led with Huy Nguyen. So you can imagine how I felt the day I got that call to be their wedding photographer. Here was one of my past students who in her own right was an amazing wedding photographer saying I was the one they wanted to trust with documenting their wedding ceremony, and her man who is actually has a method named after him and is on Wikipedia because of it. To say... read more

Kansas City wedding photography | Teaser Tuesday of Kelsey and Alex

What a year it has been and what amazing clients we have. I shot my second to last wedding on Saturday and it really made me realize how incredible our clients are. Kelsey and Alex were an absolute joy to work with. When you are surrounded by such loving and happy people there is no way you cannot do your job to the best of your abilities. The ceremony took place at Jacob’s Well Church with the reception at the Muehlebach hotel lobby in Kansas City. Enjoy a few of my favorites from their day. Congrats Kelsey and Alex! Kelsey’s “something blue” was her grandmother’s ring. I get lucky with the blue flare. 🙂 Alex reads his letter from Kelsey in the basement of the church before he meets her at the aisle.... read more

Grand Street Kansas City Wedding Photography | Teaser Tuesday of Drew and Libby

This wedding has seemed like a long time coming. I first met Drew and Libby when I was asked by Drew to photograph his proposal to Libby at the Plaza in Kansas City last December. I love being a Kansas City proposal photographer and was excited to document Drew and Libby’s. What I did not expect was how great both of their families would be that night. It was to be an insight as to how awesome this wedding was to be. Just like that December night on the Plaza, their families did not disappoint on Saturday either. The day was filled with such love, tears, and one of the best parties I have seen in a while. The Grand Street Grand Room was rocking.  Congrats Drew and Libby! Here a few of my favorites from the day. Libby rode with her parents to the ceremony all the while laughing about how big her dress was and how they were drowning in Thule. Drew listens to a toast by his brother.  The dance floor was packed all night long.  The band loaned out some of their instruments. Not sure they intended this type of use.  One of my favorite end of the night moments to date. I love how they just sat on the floor of their hotel room at the end of the night and leaned on each... read more

Kansas City family photography | The Collum family Normal Day Session

There is nothing normal about our Normal Day Sessions and that is what I love most about them. Family photos for years have been the thing that most families dread. Parents trying to force their kids to be a certain way. Kids doing everything they can to not be that way. It is usually a bit of a nightmare. Then the photos all seem to look the same. No matter how hard you try as a photographer they all seem to be the same. This, in the end, is why I love our Normal Day Sessions. NOTHING is ever the same from session to session. Being able to witness a family as they are in their natural environment is what being a family photographer in Kansas City is all about for me. The Collum family agreed and asked me to spend an afternoon with them as they hung out at home on a perfect fall evening. It was simple. No special clothes to buy. No need to make the house perfect. All they had to do was they normally do and it was perfect. They built puzzles, dug in the backyard for treasure, picked tomatoes, ate spaghetti, and of course has a dance party. I was there to document it without any interference. That is how you make the perfect Kansas City family “portrait” in our opinion. Enjoy a few of my favorite images. This is literally the first photo I made that day. Siblings.  When your dad is a musician you get the best dance parties complete with rotating lights. Mom and daughter snuggles after a... read more

Wedding at the Bowery | Springhill, Kansas | Teaser of Ali and Seth

I have not had the pleasure of photographing a wedding at The Bowery event space in Spring Hill, Kansas until last Saturday. It was awesome. Ali and Seth could not have chosen a better place to get married. It was the perfect overcast fall day. One of the best parts was the sun didn’t really shine all day until right when they were saying vows to each other. Suddenly as Ali was starring into Seth’s eyes the sun came out bathing her in golden light for a split second. This Bowery wedding was a joy to witness and Ali and Seth could not be better to work with. Congrats you two! Enjoy a few of my favorite images from the day. Ali listens as Seth recites his vows. Love this moment as Ali hugs her grandmother after the ceremony.  Ali and Seth get ready to be announced into their dinner at the Bowery Event space in Spring Hill, Kansas.   ... read more

Topeka Wedding Photography | Teaser of Alison and Jason’s wedding at the Kansas Historical Society

We traveled to Topeka, Kansas last Saturday to witness Alison and Jason’s wedding at one of the most unique venues I have been a part of. They had their wedding and reception on the grounds of the Kansas Historical Society. Even though it was a bit cold it was interesting having access to the museum on site. The guests loved it. Alison and Jason were a joy to work with. I have not been around many couples that are as relaxed as these two. It is obvious they love each other deeply and simply wanted to have a good time at their wedding in Topeka Kansas without a lot of fuss. They partied under the stars and patio heaters on a perfect fall evening. Here are a few of my favorite wedding photographs from their wedding in Topeka, Kansas. Enjoy! I love Jason’s expression after they were announced husband and wife. The first dance and the last minute patio heaters.  I don’t know what was in the glass but I can only imagine it was not an easy shot judging by the expression on Alison’s mom’s face.  Alison and Jason share a final dance before their sparkler send off at the Kansas Historical... read more

Loose Mansion, Kansas City Wedding Photography | Teaser Tuesday of Amelia and Patrick

Nothing is sweeter as a Kansas City wedding photographer than having the privilege of documenting two weddings for the same family. It is by far one of the best perks of my job so I was extra excited to be documenting Patrick and Amelia’s wedding last Saturday at Loose Mansion. 4 years ago I photographed Patrick’s sister Megan as she married Adam. So needless to say I knew Patrick’s side of the family well. Amelia and Patrick had a small intimate wedding at one of the best wedding venues in Kansas City, Loose Mansion. I love photographing weddings at Loose Mansion as the location yields the perfect classic feeling with it’s history as well as charm. Enjoy a few of my favorite teaser images from this wonderful Kansas City wedding. Amelia sheds a tear as Patrick reads his vows to her during their ceremony at Loose Mansion in Kansas City. These two little guys were finding it hard to contain their excitement for some sweets as Amelia and Patrick cut the cake. Patrick and his father enjoy a cigar.  After some problems getting the key to work, Patrick carries Amelia across the threshold to their hotel room at the Intercontinental Hotel in Kansas City,... read more

Kansas City Same Sex wedding photography | Teaser Tuesday of Clint and Evan’s wedding at Mildale Farms

A day late but hey it’s busy season. Teaser Tuesday on a Wednesday today. I had the pleasure of documenting Clint and Evan’s wedding this past weekend at Mildale Farms. This was to by my second time as a same sex wedding photographer in Kansas City, Missouri but my first time documenting two men getting married. I must say both times I have been asked to document a same sex wedding I have felt different. These events are just different. I mean if you boil it down it is all the same. Two people in love surrounded by people supporting their union acting as witnesses to their love. I think it boils down to Clint and Evan’s story. It was a story of true love and unwavering support from friends and family that went deeper than normal. It seems with both same sex weddings in Kansas City that I have been the photographer for there seemed more on the line. Clint and Evan’s Mildale Farms wedding was a celebration of overcoming adversity and finding the person that makes it all make sense. Enjoy a few of my favorite images from the day. Clint helps Evan with his bow tie prior to their ceremony at Mildale Farms. Perhaps my favorite image from the day. Evan and Clint walked into the ceremony seperately down a long path. I love how all of this lined up on a picture perfect day.  Clint reacting to Evan’s amazing vows he wrote. It was a very emotional day. This image sums it all up for me showing the love not only between Clint and Evan... read more

Kansas City Birth Photographer | Teaser Tuesday Welcoming Ellie

I had my phone by my bed just in case. Sure as the world it rang at 7:00am on a Sunday. Amy was on the line. “Change of plans. I am heading into an emergency C-section within the hour. Can you make it?” I jumped out of bed cleaned myself up and grabbed my gear. On the way John, Amy’s husband, texted me to go straight to the OR. I pushed the gas a little harder. I had plenty of time. No worries almost there. The last thing I ever expected was to be stuck at a light 2 minutes from the hospital by a marathon and a man on a cane painfully making his way across the street. I couldn’t believe it. What luck. Luckily a space between runners opened up and with the man with the cane just passed my bumper the cop waved me through. I made it with 5 minutes to spare before John and I were rushed into the OR to witness baby Ellie’s intro to the world. Today’s Kansas City Birth story had a happy ending. I made it. Baby was healthy and mom and dad have a family. Being trusted to witness and photograph a birth is the utmost for me. It is even more meaningful when I have been their wedding photographer. Being able to be a Kansas City birth photographer for so many of my couples is astounding to me. The fact that they trust me with their most precious of life events is incredible. I have known Amy since I was a kid. We lived on the same block.... read more

Charlotte, North Carolina wedding photography of Christina and Eric

It was the summer of 2015 and I was eating lunch when the studio phone rang. It was Christina asking about wedding photography for her wedding in Charlotte, North Carolina. Well to be truthful she was originally asking about wedding photography in Charleston, South Carolina but over the following months they decided to get married in their hometown of Charlotte. It was an interesting phone conversation with Christina. Turns out she is a wedding photographer and had actually found me from my class I did on wedding photojournalism on Creative Live. So needless to say she already had a head start on understanding how I approach being a wedding photographer in Kansas City. It is always a pleasure to work with couples who truly get what I do. I am blessed to be able to say all of my clients are totally on board with my style of wedding photography in a purely documentary way but when the client is a photographer they seem to understand things a bit deeper and really allow me to swing for the fences. Christina and Eric were wonderful to work with and they provided a plethora of moments throughout the day. This was my first time being a wedding photographer in Charlotte, North Carolina but it did not disappoint. Being a destination wedding photographer can be a challenge at times. Especially when you are tasked with documenting an event by yourself. You have to think in a different way. You have to anticipate your moves and what is going to happen even more than when you are photographing a wedding with a second... read more

Kansas City Family Photography | Teaser Tuesday

I love being busy photographing family life in Kansas City. I especially love it when it is for people close to me. Kenny and Sarah live right around the corner from us so not only was this the first shoot I have walked to it was a joy to witness their family life for an afternoon. Sarah is pregnant and expecting their second child any day now so they wanted me to document them and their son Colton before they become a family of four. So we recently got together so I could spend an afternoon with them for a Normal day session at their home. Over all the years of me being a family photographer in Kansas City I have learned what I like best is to simply document a family rather than posing them. Approaching Kansas City family photography in this way allows for moments to happen that nobody could ever think of. The results are often humorous and certainly always surprising. Kenny, Sarah, and Colton did not disappoint. Enjoy a few of my favorite images from my afternoon with my neighbors. Fire safety starts early. 🙂 Dinner time involves doing whatever you can to get a three year-old to eat including celebrating when it happens.As I said goodbye I couldn’t resist shooting one more frame while they were in the doorway. Kinda felt like a maternity... read more