Our approach to wedding photography is pretty simple. Sit back and just let it happen.  We then capture that in a photo journalistic way.

We believe weddings should not be about the photos more about the celebration and the story. We feel it is best to not schedule the wedding day around photos but rather let life take over and foster real moments to happen in front of our cameras. There are plenty of expected moments during a wedding. Unexpected moments are few and far between but often are the most real and unique to you. They tell more than just what happened on that day. They tell what that day felt like. They tell who you are.

Our images tell a story. Not just a chronological story of your wedding day, but rather the story of you and those that are closest to you.


Wirken Photography is a collection of artists. Click on the photos below to view photography and slideshows by Tyler Wirken and David Tsai. Click on films in the menu to view our cinematography.

The Photography of Kansas City based wedding photographer Tyler Wirken

The Photography of Kansas City based wedding photographer David Tsai