Wedding at Pennway Place, Kansas City

Wedding at Pennway Place, Kansas City

On the way to her wedding ceremony, Maggie was telling her dad of her worst wedding nightmare. She said she woke up in a cold sweat, breathing heavy and hoping it was just that, a nightmare. Here it was her actual wedding day and so far everything was damn near perfect. She was on her way to her Kansas City wedding ceremony where she would marry Ben at Our Lady of Sorrows Church. The sun was shining the weather was perfect and she was ready, but as I sat in the back seat of that car as she was telling her story I wondered if she might still be a bit worried her nightmare would come true. We would have to see what the day brought and if her Kansas City wedding reception at Pennway Place  would go as planned. Being a wedding photographer in Kansas City for the past 14 years I have seen and heard of it all, so I was hoping for her sake all would go according to plan. Her nightmare, the one that startled her awake that night, was that everyone left the reception at around 9:00pm and her and Ben were the only ones left standing in the middle of the dance floor puzzled with what to do next. Thankfully, that could not have been any further from what actually happened on her wedding day. Thanks to the help of one of my favorite bands in Kansas City, Twice on Sunday. In fact the contrary actually on Saturday. Maggie and Ben decided to leave before the party was even over! That dance floor was rocking all night long.

So, here’s to nightmares not coming true! Congrats Maggie and Ben! Enjoy a few of my favorite images from your day as a bit of a teaser to hold you off till we can show you the entire story.


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  1. I can’t wait to see the rest! They are beautiful pics of a beautiful couple 🙂


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