Our approach is simple. Let the day unfold as if we were not there but be there to capture it. This simple idea can spark countless real moments that you otherwise wouldn’t have on that day. These testimonials speak to what it is like to work with a team that believes in this idea.

Below you will find videos and written testimonials of brides and grooms talking about their favorite moments of the day and how working with the Wirken team impacted them not only on their big day but in some situations how they approach their own documentary needs.

About Tyler:


We often forgot that Tyler was standing right there by our side, documenting the entire day in photographs … which made for real, true emotions and moments, captured forever. When I struck a fake pose, Tyler immediately put his camera down in defiance ๐Ÿ™‚ Tyler’s philosophy to let the day evolve naturally, created zero stress on me and made for some impressive photos.

Who would have thought that a wedding portrait under the I-35 overpass, complete with pallets, lumber & port-a-potties in the background, could be so gorgeous. Leave it to Tyler and natural light.

Pam ensured that every detail was met … from early planning meetings, ‘day-of’ scheduling, to the final album details and delivery. I’d say this level of customer service is the complete opposite of Time Warner Cable.

Carrie + Alex

Bride and Groom, Carrie + Alex | Kansas City Wedding Photography at Pennway Place

About David:

When I look back on our photos I see the emotion — each moment as it really was. The laughter & joy on my mom’s face during our ceremony, the sly look my adorably ornery husband gave me just before he kissed me for the first time as his wife, the way my mother-in-law closed her eyes and pondered our vows. David captured the glisten of tears in my father-in-law’s eyes as he watched Kyle and I commit to one another for life. He saw the way my Dad gazed upon my mother on the dance floor at our reception. He saw my best friends, sitting at my feet, while I got ready, and captured the emotion. David captured the moments, the glances, the depth in peoples’ eyes, the expressions of joy & exuberance. And I can hardly believe he captured all this, as he was so professional and we hardly even noticed this artist, who was almost a “fly on the wall” of our day. Besides the eternal investment of our marriage, David’s photography was the best investment we made that day. Laura


About Tyler:

Not only were they so wonderful to work with, but the photos are phenomenal. We are stunned every time we look at them — they are truly incredible and they captured our special day in a way that we couldn’t have even imagined. When we look at our photos it is as if we are watching a video of our wedding because of how Tyler captured all of the intimate, wild, hilarious and happy moments


Bride, Amy + Jon | Kansas City wedding photography at the Downtown Library

About Brandon:

Brandon’s approach to wedding films is to really try to get to know the couple, and then make a film that is unique and individual to them. So many wedding films seem rather standard – whereas Brandon’s films vary greatly based totally on the couple. So many of my friends have commented that our short film absolutely captured the spirit of the day and who Roarke and I are as a couple. It is impossible for me to watch it without getting a huge smile on my face and actually feeling the love from that day.


Bride, Molly + Roarke | A Wedding Short Film

About Brandon:


We can say without a doubt, if it weren’t for our wedding video, our memories would consist only of glimpses. You forget the small stuff – You forget the way you felt at a certain moment. You forget the glances between you and your new spouse throughout the day. You forget what was said during your ceremony. You forget who got crazy on the dance floor. Lucky for us, we have a forever reminder of all the moments we breezed by that day.

And boy did he capture it. To say that I cried during our viewing would be an understatement. I think I made it a whole 5 seconds before I had tears running down my face. Every minute of our video was perfect. He captured everything we had already forgotten in the short time since our wedding – not just visually, but emotionally. We really felt like we were experiencing that day all over again.

This is something our children and grandchildren can watch one day. They can see us and hear our voices as we were then.. and actually listen to us portray our wedding day as we remembered it at that time. Our wedding video is truly priceless and irreplaceable.


Bride, Megan + Adam | A Documentary Wedding Film

About Tyler:


Hiring Tyler from Wirken Photography for our big day was the easiest decision we made. We loved their work and were even more impressed by their spirit and approach to wedding photography. They made us feel at ease and captured our most special moments. Everything felt organic and true to who we are as a couple. His ability to capture our personalities through photography was exceptional. They are truly a unique company and we look forward to asking them to document many more special memories to come.

Laura Beth + Spencer

Bride and Groom, Laura Beth + Spencer | Kansas City Wedding Photography at The Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts

About Brandon:


Most of the time I completely forgot Brandon was there, but when I remembered he was it made me so happy to know that he was capturing it all. I have wished so many times that I could relive our wedding day and go back in time and look at all the love surrounding us. Because of Brandon’s work, we can do that whenever we want. My husband and I feel so lucky to have such a special and unique piece of our wedding day that we can revisit anytime. This is more than just someone taking video of your vows and people dancing- Brandon’s work completely captured every emotion and feeling from the day as well. And for that, we are forever grateful.


Bride, Kristina + Jerod | A Wedding Short Film

About David:

Our wedding day wasn’t all about the party or how much things had to be perfect. It was about us and our lifetime commitment to one another. It was about two families coming together to celebrate our union. We wanted to capture exactly that, and not the glitz and glam of staged photos. We wanted the emotions to be captured, not just the smiling faces.

David was great to work with, very funny and he gets very inspired. You can really see his face light up when he knows heโ€™s got a great shot. From his years of experience, he knows the moments that are going to mean the most, and therefore need to be captured the best. Often I would see David quickly put the camera to his face and shoot away, only to find that he was trying not to miss a wonderful real moment. David had me convinced to have him present while we were getting ready because he always believed me that those were when the moments were happening, and they turned out so well and I’m really glad we decided to do that. I have some great ones of me and my late grandmother during our getting-ready that I will cherish forever. Molly + Scott

Bride and Groom