Megan + Adam | A Wedding Documentary Film Introduction

Back in September during his post about Megan and Adams wedding Tyler alluded to a new way we were approaching wedding film making. This is a glimpse into our new & exciting film making venture.

There really is nothing new about it, other than it realizes my ultimate goal as a film maker– to create a document that transcends time. I desire to make films that your children and their children, and so on, can watch and feel like they knew you on your day. This film does that.

What is above in this post is the first three and a half minutes of a thirty minute documentary about Megan and Adams wedding day. It transports you into their minds as they are walking down the aisle toward one another. It is compelling in unexpected ways, like how the people coming in behind Megan as she waits, dominates her thoughts. It is also compelling in expected ways, such as the sheer awe invoked in Adam as he sees Megan for the first time on that day.

For a bride and groom this first three and a half minute clip is powerful, but it isn’t the most powerful part of this film. If you would like to see more, please contact us.


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BRANDON!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS! Oh my word, what an amazing gift. The dialogue of the couple post wedding paired with the crescendo & climax of the bride walking down the aisle is beautiful. You have such a gift of creativity and ALWAYS pursuing “the story.” I love how much you give of yourself to your work. You truly love this and it definitely shows through your work.

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