For years people have been coming into our studio in Kansas City with their children and families for portraits. The images were great. People were happy.

Something however always bothered me. Time and time again parents would say how different their children acted at home versus how they acted during their family or child photography session at our studio. They beamed about moments they shared, little things only their child did, that simply could not be replicated in our studio. I brushed it off thinking it was normal. Then I had children. I saw those little looks, those things they do for only short times in their lives. I then knew what those parents were talking about. I realized how important it was to capture those moments in real time, to be remembered years later.

So we have decided to take our documentary approach and apply it to family photography sessions. We feel having photos of you and your family on a Normal Day as you are, good and bad, is the way to remember that time. Whether it is the first day when your family is born or a 10 year old birthday party we want to be there to document it as it happens without interference from us.


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