David Tsai

David Tsai


Wedding photography comes in many different styles and approach and I have a strong belief that the moment should be photographed the way it unfolds without the photographer’s interference.


I’m David Tsai, a documentary photographer based in Kansas City.  Photography allows me to be a story teller without having to write a single word. I prefer not to describe myself as just a wedding photographer, but as a “photographer story teller” who tells the story from whatever setting I am in at the time.  I am your personal photojournalist.


The most important and memorable moments from a wedding day are often those of what I called  “non-wedding photos of a wedding day”.  What I meant by that is that the images that I photograph usually describe the relationship among friends and family and those photographs usually do not fall into the scope of what’s considered as trendy wedding images.


When I photograph a wedding, or even family photo shoot,  I aim to preserve the sanctity of the moment, that is the moment has to be true, real and not staged.   There is of course a time where I photograph the bride and groom portrait with their wedding party and for group formal photo where I will direct the posing for the group, however the portrait only occupies a very small portion, to the magnitude of forty-five minutes maximum, of what I photograph on the wedding day.


One of my goals when I photograph a wedding is to capture the relationships, not only between the bride and the groom, but also the relationships among friends and family members. Subtle body language and gestures that communicate unspoken love and emotion, those are the universal language that I strive to capture through my images.


Real story and real moment never go out of style so let me help you document your story.