Brandon Parigo

Brandon Parigo

Filmmaker, Cinematographer, Editor, Wedding Videographer

Wedding videography has come a long way in recent years. For one thing, as an engaged couple, you have more choices than ever when choosing the style of your wedding video. Our core ideal at Wirken Films is that your wedding day is not about the photography or the wedding videography. Your wedding day is about people. You and your people. This belief coupled with our desire to make wedding films that communicate through the ages, dictates our photojournalistic style in capturing your day.


Brandon Parigo, Cinematographer and editor at Wirken Films, has been making wedding films in Kansas City since 2006. He applies his documentary film making passion at every wedding to create a film that illustrates what the real moments looked like on your wedding day. Moments that look real, not posed. Moments like hands held, jokes told, tears wiped, people dancing crazy and doing what they do best; being human.


If you ask any bride and groom what they remember most about their wedding day it is rarely the staged event. It is almost always an unplanned moment. That is what we shoot for. The moments that when added together communicate through time who you were and what it felt like to be you on that day. That type of wedding videography never goes out of style.


That unique storytelling is the goal of all our wedding films. Take a look at the videos below and decide if our style is right for your wedding day.