Wirken Photography and Wirken Films are a collection of photographers and filmmakers passionate about telling stories. Trained in photojournalism, fine art and cinematography we use our skills and experience to act as witnesses to real life unfolding in front of our lens.


We feel your life is more important than a meticulously crafted photo safari. The goal of our work is to tell the story of  you, your loved ones and your relationships. Focusing on real life creates space for us to be present and capture moments that you would never expect. Moments that are the most real. Not being bogged down by time consuming photography tasks allows you and your family to be completely present, which really is the most important thing.

Tyler Wirken

Founder, Photographer, Father

I don’t consider myself a wedding photographer.

I’m simply a family historian who documents weddings.

Starting out as a newspaper photographer, I discovered a passion for documentary photography early in my career and never looked back.

After almost ten years in the wedding business, I found himself questioning a lot of conventional ideas about weddings. That’s when I asked myself – why am I doing this?

I believes those why questions help me create more meaningful photographs.

I was voted one of the “Top Ten Wedding Photographers in the World” by American Photo in 2013, but my best “accolades” are actually my wife and two boys, who have my heart and remind me why I’m dedicated to documenting family history. That’s why I say, “At my funeral, if you all say I was a good photographer, then I’ve failed miserably at life.”

Brandon Parigo

Filmmaker, Amateur Genealogist, Storytelling Enthusiast

Despite being shy at heart, I tend to babble once you get me talking. I find I mostly talk about myself, my wife or my daughters because I am intrigued by family, history and watching life happen. I find that if people share more about themselves, a window opens for others to relate. My hope is that by sharing more we all feel more connected together as a community. That by sharing the humanity of one another, we can all relate and be whole.

That connection is also one of the key reasons I make wedding films. I believe that by being honest in my storytelling I am doing a great service to the bride and groom; providing them with a document that will not only cause them to remember, but also illuminate who they are for generations to come.

Check out my documentary films (non-wedding) at Untold. I am also working on a personal project telling stories of my local community at A Kansas City Story.

David Tsai

Photographer, Father and Cyclist

Growing up in Indonesia, I was fortunate to live in a colorful culture where I got my sense of humor and love of art. I have a natural curiosity of my surroundings and a knack to recognize the amusing twists of everyday life. Listening to people’s story,or just sitting somewhere and observing how people interact with each other is really high on the list of things that I love to do. From time to time, I like to unplug myself from emails, phone, or social media and just ride my bicycle on the country road.

Besides documenting weddings, I also do commercial work. Some of my most recent clients are the Halls Family Foundation, the University of Kansas Medical Center, Harry Truman Presidential Library, and University of Missouri in Kansas City Executive MBA program.

I love to photograph family session, so please contact me if you would like to have a “a slice in the life of” type of family photography.

I’m available for private one-on-one tutoring and small group, i.e. 3-4 people, class. Please contact us for more information.